I’s a Bird… It’s a Comet… It’s Comet Bird!

Comet Bird is a simple but very fun and addictive game where you control a tiny bird with a space suit in his journey to explore the galaxy.

A long time ago in a far-far away galaxy there is a tiny bird who dream to fly among the stars. That bird is the Comet Bird! However, the Comet Bird must pass through the asteroid field to continue on his flight among the stars. Use the accelerometer control and tilt your device to move up and down to dodge the incoming asteroids.

– Fun, addictive and challenging gameplay.
– Intuitive Accelerometer Control. Tilt your device to move up and down to dodge the asteroids.
– Google Play Games Leaderboard. Compete with your friends!
– A very addictive (and somewhat repetitive) background music.

Flap your wing and fly to the outer galaxy and beyond!

Warning: Very addictive!

*The game Comet Bird was created as an entry for Flappy Jam:

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