Flick the screen to toss the shuriken like a real ninja master!

It’s not a secret that ninjas hate fruit. Play Shuriken Strike: Ninja Master and shoot as many fruits as you can in this highly addictive game. Play in 2 different game modes and 4 unique stages with varying difficulty. With 87 missions to complete, the addictive gameplay will keep you entertained for hours.

• Flick input that give you similar feeling like throwing a real shuriken
• Classic and Time mode
• 4 unique stages with varying difficulty
• Special fruit with ninja abilities
• Complete 87 mission to unlock stages and earn rewards
• Upgrade your ninja and use 4 different ninjutsu to help you get a higher score
• 8 shuriken and 4 ninja suit of your choice
• Compete with players worldwide with Integrated Google Play Leaderboard
• Brag your score on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Shuriken Strike: Ninja Master is simply the best Fruit Shooting game on Google Play. Shooting Fruits has never been this fun!

Play now and become a real ninja master!

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