Smack a friend’s face with our collection of mini games.

Do you have a friend with a face that you really want to punch? Or you just want to say “hi” in an extreme way (because poking your friends is just too mainstream)? Or you are just bored with nothing else to do? Now you can smash your friends with your fist (or finger), whack them with a hammer, nuke them with missiles, slash them with a lightsaber, stomp them with a giant robot or even toss them to the blackhole.

Smack a Friend’s features:
• 10 mini games to smack your friend! Smash, Whack, Nuke, Slash, Stomp, Chomp, Toss, Crash, Shoot or Kiss your friends. More will come!
• Cool snapshot to share with your friends! Smack a friend and share it to social media!
• Achievements and Leaderboards using Google Play Games Service
• Turn based multiplayer using Google Play Games Service. Battle against your friends in a friendly match or compete in a ranked match against players across the world. Complete with all time and weekly leaderboards.

Play the game, set up your profile, select a friend, and start smacking!

Smack a Friend is the best choice to have fun with your friends!

Join the fun!

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